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History!!!!!! Empty
PostSubject: History!!!!!!   History!!!!!! Icon_minitimeMon Oct 20, 2008 7:45 am

here is a little bit of coedudescape history for you!
created may 10 2008
first user: Coedude (no shit)
second user: killerjoe (current co-owner)
third user: treepot4 (current admin)
the server started out 6 months ago as hiyascape (modified pimpscape) with an alboscape client, only players then were killerjoe, and coedude. then i switched to 1337 (modified cheesescape pk) treepot4 joined this server. after i got bored with that i merged the servers, and the three of us were puking out our stomachs (corrupted shop caused wierd emote). luckily that was fixed, and coedudescape was born. first minigame to be added was skeletal, not many people know about skeletal minigame, but you can go to the emote tab, and use the skeletal emote tele to try and get full skeletal. up next was the tutorial island minigame. not many people use that either because of kalphites and jads. next up is the ape atoll minigame, it is the biggest one piller of light wise, and npc wise. it is where you can find the secret bandos / armdadyl shop, and get some good training in. next up was the falador training area, it was a quick little area, but alot of fun. then a took a break, lost some users, and came back with castle wars minigame. this one took the most code to do, and its still a little glitchey. i may release the code for adding in my style of castle wars later on. future updates will include...
1. fixing wepons that disappear when attacking
2. a huge maze minigame with fabulous rewards.
3. working barracades!
release dates for clients

-Coedudescape client v1
September 2nd 2008
-Coedudescape client v2
September 14th 2008
-Coedudescape client v3
October 11th 2008
-Coedudescape client v4
October 29th 2008
-Coedudescape client v5
December 16th 2008
-Coedudescape client v6
March 23rd 2009
-Coedudescape client v7
July 14th 2009
thats about it if you actually read this please comment
-Coedude geek
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